Warehouse for Lease | Bridgeport, CT

If you are in the market for a warehouse space to lease in the Bridgeport or Fairfield County areas, you came to the right place! Bridgeport Innovation Center has available for lease a great modern warehouse. The building is a stand-alone unit of 10,000 SF. The warehouse we have for lease features overhead doors, concrete floors, high ceilings  (great for a distribution center or storage space), and is only a few years old!

In addition to our large 10,000 SF warehouse for lease here at our complex, we also have several other options for small wearehouses for lease in Bridgeport. How about a nice loft space? 400-5,000SF, or perhaps your business needs to kick things off with an office for lease? We have just about any style commercial space for lease at Bridgeport Innovation Center to suit your business leasing needs!

So, if you are in seek of a large warehouse for lease in Bridgeport, CT / Fairfield County areas, come check out Bridgeport Innovation Center located on 955 Connecticut Ave in Bridgeport, CT


Contact Carre, leasing manager of Bridgeport Innovation Center for more details (203) 333-9000


Also be sure to follow our facebook page for updates on our business community and commercial space for lease!

Large commercial warehouse for lease at Bridgeport Innovation Center on Connecticut Ave in Bridgeport, CT
Warehouse for lease Bridgeport, CT

Warehouse Space for rent Fairfield County

Here at BIC we offer a variety of commercial space for lease, all within our 10-building Fairfield County (Bridgeport, CT) based complex. Not only do we have loft spaces and traditional offices, but we also offer several options for modern, spacious, and energy efficient warehouses for businesses of Fairfield County.

Time and time again we hear from our tenants that we are the BEST VALUE in the Fairfield County region for leasing warehouses and commercial space. If you are looking to lease a warehouse in Fairfield county, we are a viable, valuable, and convenient option! Check out Bridgeport Innovation Center’s warehouses for rent. We rent warehouse space for a fraction of the price compared to other Fairfield County towns (Stratford, CT; Milford, CT; Fairfield, CT; Norwalk, CT; etc)

Check out this option: 10,000 SF Fairfield County warehouse for rent:

great fairfield county warehouse for rent
we have a modern and affordable warehouse for rent in fairfield county ct

Artist Loft for rent Bridgeport, CT

Here at Bridgeport Innovation Center we have a plethora of great loft spaces available for rent. In fact, we have a nice close-knit artist community here!

Some of our artists like to make their loft space “their own” and add a fresh coat of paint, a mural, or just a splash of color here and there. We have great spaces to ‘call your own.’ Bright, sunny, and with old loft features like wood floors, brick walls, high ceilings, and post/ beam construction. What great features to showcase your artistic creations!

Looking to rent an artist loft in Bridgeport, CT area? You need to come heck out a few of the spaces we recently have available. From 450SF- 5,000 SF we have a nice variety of great spaces. And our artist lofts for rent feature gas heat! (New in 2016). Control your own utilities and keep the cost down!

Bridgeport Innovation Center was proud to announce it was a stop on the 2015 BPT Art trail (! Thanks to all the artists that contributed!

If you would like to see a couple of the artist lofts we have for rent here in Bridgeport, just give us a ring!

Artists lofts for rent: Call Carrie at (203) 333-9000 for a tour!



Don’t forget to learn more about the BPT Art Trail here:

Artist Loft for Rent Bridgeport
Artists: Looking to rent a loft space in the bridgeport, CT area?

2016 Updates Coming Soon!

Artists of the Bridgeport Innovation Center

Contact info for the Bridgeport Art Trail events
(please do not call the main office with questions about the events)
Robin Gilmore – Made in Bridgeport, Suite 1212
[email protected]

Gerald Moore – Gallery 1212, Suite 1212
[email protected]

Go to Art Trail events

Since 1989 the focus of the Bridgeport Innovation Center has been to provide a nurturing space for artists, entrepreneurs, community organizers, and small to mid-sized companies to grow and flourish. BIC leases flexible commercial spaces such as office, warehouse, storage, and sunny loft spaces perfect for artists.

The building itself possesses a rich history and is a hidden historical gem of Bridgeport’s East End. The oldest of the 10 buildings within the complex dates back to 1914 and for the majority of its life it was occupied by the Weed Tire Chain Company.

Due to intense competition and a changing economic landscape, the location closed its doors, and was vacant for over 20 years.
Today, BIC is home to artists, entrepreneurs, business professionals, community and religious organizations, and mid-styled companies in a variety of industries.

BIC is a prime example of how Bridgeport is getting better every day. The business park has seen a flood of new business tenants move in, particularly over the last six months. Artists, BIC is the best kept secret for the lease of a variety of bright, sunny creative spaces featuring old-world architecture such as high wood beam ceilings, oak floors, brick walls, and 7-foot windows.
Come check out these spaces for lease.

Call Carrie at 203-333-9000 for a tour.

Parking is available on site and to the right behind the buildings.

Please do not park in assigned parking spots. Parking is also available in the lot along Building 1. Please follow rules on posted signs, BIC and its tenants are not responsible for towing or traffic violations. No pets permitted.

Elevator access is available in Building 1 from the ground floor (See signs directing to its location) We suggest drop off for handicap accessibility and parking in a different location on the complex.

Looking to rent a LOFT in Bridgeport, CT | Black Rock, CT

Hello artists, entrepreneurs, craftspeople, companies, and tinkerers!

Are you on the search for a great loft space to house your small- medium business? You really need to check out our array of lofts for rent! We are trying to get the word out about how great our Bridgeport based business park is! Many of our tenants describe BIC as the “best kept secret” for commercial leasing in Fairfield County. How could you argue? Our loft, warehouse, offices, distribution, and storage spaces are located with a large, central commercial complex JUST A HALF MILE FROM I95 in Bridgeport, CT.

We’re not cheap… We offer GREAT VALUE! Our rates are some of the best in Fairfield County. We are currently offering loft spaces for rent in Bridgeport for great rates! Starting at just $450 we have just a couple great spaces left. Share the building with architects, web developers, ecommerce retailers, artists, electronics gurus, craftsmen, wood workers, sign shops, accountants, non-profits, and so many more types of great businesses!

Tenants that rent our loft spaces represent a diverse crowd of industries, which makes our loft building GREAT for networking, collaboration, and friendship!

Black Rock | Bridgeport Loft space for rent
Look at this amazing loft for rent in Bridgeport

Looking to rent a loft space in Bridgeport? Black Rock? Consider coming on over to Bridgeport Innovation Center. Over 100 businesses have made the move!

Contact Bridgeport Innovation Center here on Connecticut Ave in Bridgeport if you are looking to rent a loft!

Lofts for rent Bridgeport | Black Rock, CT: Call Carrie at (203) 333-9000

Warehouse for rent in Bridgeport, CT

There is so much potential for this historic warehouse for rent at Bridgeport Innovation Center in CT. It features old world factory charm like brick, large sunny windows, wood floors, and some hardwood accents and factory doors. Rent this warehouse and your company, office, or workshop will have the foundation for a really innovative, creative space! This warehouse has been recently renovated and includes newer furnace, gas heat, newer windows, and newer doors. There is an office space, workshop space, and even a paint booth (that can also be used for storage). Loading dock/ distribution access!!

Rent this warehouse and get your Bridgeport/ Fairfield County CT business off on the right foot!

Oh, plus…. Did I mention the BONUS? Storage in the basement, and plenty of it. Its included for free!

If you rent this warehouse, you’ll get to choose from floor 1 or floor 2nd floor. Both are 2,500 SF and have bathroom, storage, and energy efficient utilities.

Interested in renting this warehouse? Call Bridgeport Innovation Center in Bridgeport, CT. Ask for Carrie (203) 333-9000

warehouse rental bridgeport
Affordable Warehouse for rent Bridgeport, CT
Small warehouse for rent bridgeport ct
This is a nice small sized warehouse for rent in bridgeport, ct
Office for rent in Bridgeport
Enjoy this perk! Office space within our warehouse for rent in Bridgeport
Workshop space / warehouse for rent in Bridgeport, CT
Workshop space / warehouse for rent in Bridgeport, CT

Rent an Industrial Factory for Your Next Photoshoot in Fairfield County

YES! That’s right: we rent our industrial spaces/ lofts for photo shoots and productions! Are you a photographer looking to rent some cool historic, industrial space in a Bridgeport, CT historic factory? Your search ends now! Bridgeport Innovation Center offers a variety of creative spaces for rent for photo-shoots in Fairfield County area! Just take a look at some of the studio spaces we have available for rent!

You are able to rent a space for the day/ short term to fulfill your photography or production needs. If you are looking for an industrial space to rent, be sure to contact Carrie for immediate availability.  Bridgeport Innovation Center is a business park comprised of 10 buildings, which means that you’ll likely find just the bright, sunny, industrial type space you’re looking for to mesh with your creative needs.  Rent an industrial space from us and you’ll be sure to have a successful, and cost efficient photo shoot!

Keywords: industrial space for rent in Fairfield County, Industrial, brick, wood, windows, factory space for rent Fairfield County.

Industrial Loft for Rent Fairfield County, CT
Industrial Loft for Rent Fairfield County, CT
Industrial Loft for Rent Fairfield County, CT
Industrial Loft for Rent Fairfield County, CT
Industrial Space for Rent Fairfield County, CT
Industrial FACTORY for Rent Fairfield County, CT
Industrial Warehouse for Rent Fairfield County, CT
Industrial warehouse for Rent Fairfield County, CT

Lofts for Rent in Bridgeport, CT

We have a variety of commercial/ small and medium sized businesses here at Bridgeport Innovation Center. A variety of businesses rent our historic loft spaces! Our Lofts are great for small businesses because we have a variety of different sizes available. From simple 400 SF- 5,000+ SF, we likely have just the loft space for your business to rent.

The lofts available for rent at Bridgeport Innovation Center are spacious, bright, sunny, and feature all of the historic features that make our lofts charming. Wood floors, brick walls, large windows, and high ceilings.

Looking to rent a loft and customize it to sit your taste? We likely have just the loft for you!

Contact Carrie at Bridgeport Innovation Center for more information on Lofts for rent! (203) 333-9000Are you looking for some extra storage for your business or household? We have a few different sized spaces that would be well suited for storage, or for small business use.

Square footage ranges from 400-10,000 and at reasonable rates!

Come check out our commercial complex Bridgeport Innovation Center! We’re just a half mile from i95 and offer a variety of spaces suitable for various use. Warehouses, storage, distribution, office, creative loft, or light industrial! Come check out BIC!

Please see below for a preview of some of our tenants here at our complex!

Call Carrie or email us to schedule a viewing of our available spaces! Office suites are on sale this week for $350, and we have several loft spaces for $500.

lofts for rent bridgeport, CT
Lofts for rent Bridgeport, CT
Large Loft Space for Rent Bridgeport, CT
Looking for a Large Loft Space for Rent Bridgeport, CT?
Brick Loft Space for Rent Bridgeport, CT
Brick Loft Space for Rent Bridgeport, CT

Office Space for Lease | Rent | Bridgeport, CT

Are you looking for office space for lease in Bridgeport, CT? Well you’ve found the best solution! Bridgeport Innovation Center in Bridgeport, CT leases/ rents office space at our office complex. We are located only a half mile from i95 and many of our tenants find us to be the best kept secret for leasing office space in Fairfield County, CT! Compared to other towns like Norwalk, CT; Fairfield, CT; Stratford, CT; Milford, CT, we offer great spaces at a FRACTION OF THE PRICE!
Contact Carrie should you be interested in cheap office space for lease/ rent in Bridgeport, CT

(203) 333-9000

office for rent in bridgeport ct
Cheap office space for rent in Bridgeport, CT
office for rent in bridgeport ct
office for rent in Bridgeport ct
office for rent in bridgeport ct | Bridgeport Innovation Center
office for rent in Bridgeport ct | Bridgeport Innovation Center

Loft Space for Rent | Bridgeport, CT


Artists! Entrepreneurs! Small Businesses! This post is for you! Are you located in Fairfield County, CT? Looking for a cool, hip, funky LOFT space?

We have a solution for YOU! Here at Bridgeport Innovation Center we lease all kinds of spaces, including LOFTS! Our 100+ year old building is equipped with all of the charming features of an old-world building like HIGH CEILINGS, WOOD FLOORS, BRICK, and PLENTY OF LIGHT!

Come check us out if you are looking for the best value in Fairfield County, CT / Bridgeport, CT!

Bridgeport Innovation Center Manager Carrie an help tour available loft spaces for lease/ rent here in Bridgeport: (203) 333-9000

Warehouse, Offices, Lofts, Storage for Lease | Rent | Bridgeport, CT